The complex endorsement – an endorsement rather than a rating – is required for those who may be interested in flying an aircraft with retractable landing gear and/or a “constant speed” propeller.  Aircraft such as the popular Piper Arrow II all require this “endorsement”.  This endorsement teaches the inherent systems associated with these type airplanes and in 10 hours of flying an aircraft with retractable gear and a constant speed propeller, you will be considered trained and ready to fly these more capable airplanes more often.  Our Piper Arrow II is also IFR equipped and could be used during your Instrument Flight training enabling you to accomplish two objectives at the same time.

Complex Endorsement: Part 61

  • 5 hours of Flight Training in Retractable Gear Aircraft with Constant Speed Prop
  • 5 hours of Flight Instruction from an authorized Instructor
  • 3 hours of Ground Instruction on Complex Systems

It’s not as complex…

4/26/2018 FAA eliminates the mandate to use a complex airplane on the single-engine commercial and CFI airplane practical exams