Welcome to the world of professional aviation and your chance to give back to the aviation community all the lessons, trials, and tribulations of what it took you to achieve this status.  While often used as a stepping stone to build flight hours towards gaining employment in the world of Commercial or Business aviation, you should be willing to give considerable commitment to the vital and professional training necessary to build safe and disciplined pilots, after all, you are sharing the skies with the product of your training.  This opportunity is rewarding and as you would recall from your own training, the endless milestones that it took for you to achieve your current rating, by the time you reach this stage, you will know what it means to create a Pilot.

The requirements stem from your Commercial flight training; however, now shift you into the right seat to perform all the basic Commercial flight maneuvers while you instruct your once occupied seat.  You will also learn how to teach using the “Fundamentals of Instructing” that enhance your ability to connect with your student and inspire learning.

Certified Flight Instructor Requirements:

  • Pass the FAA AKT (written) – Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA)
  • Pass the FAA AKT (written) – Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)
  • Pass a Practical (flight) Test

If you are considering this option in your professional career then you have already demonstrated your aeronautical aptitude and invested considerable time and energy thus far.  Continuing your pursuit of excellence in this endeavor makes sense…….